Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus? 

& why does it matter? 

Every member of our church once didn't know who Jesus was. We all had to be told.

Quoting from Isaiah the prophet, Paul wrote to the church in Rome:

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news." (Romans 10:15)

We are all grateful that someone told us about Jesus. And that's what our mission is as a church. We want to first tell you the best news ever - that God made you, that God loves you, and that through faith in Jesus Christ, you can enjoy life now and experience eternal wonder and adventure in heaven!
But as we had to learn, there's also bad news before there's good news. The bad news is that we (and you) begin life in resistance and rebellion against God. No one had to "teach" us how to be selfish or how to be disobedient or how to sin. We all were born that way.

And the really bad news is... God hates sin. In fact, that's what Hell is for. It is the ultimate destination for sin and for those who choose it instead of choosing Jesus. No one thinks they belong there, but the Bible tells us that all who reject Jesus condemn themselves by that rejection. (John 3:18)

We are all so very thankful that someone told us the truth.
As hard as it was to hear (and also beautiful) - that we are messed up, but that God loved the world so much that He sent Jesus to die and personally pay the penalty for all our sins (and yours).

So the short answer to "who is Jesus?" He's our Savior! He's Lord! And we are supremely grateful for what He's done (and does) for us by forgiving us our sin.

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How can I become a Christian?

Becoming a Christian is both an event and a process. It is an event in because there's a specific moment when you fully trust Jesus Christ for your forgiveness and salvation. It is a process as you continue to trust Him daily for the rest of your life. Once you believe (the event), you're adopted into the family of God. The love relationship begins. Your salvation is secure and reunion in Heaven is certain. There will be moments in your life that you feel insecure about your salvation due to sin or doubt. However, scripture promises that our relationship with Jesus is secure, even when our fellowship with Him may be hindered by our sin.

Becoming a Christian means transferring your citizenship from one kingdom to another. It is at once the most simple, wonderful, liberating and challenging decision of your life.

“Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.” (Romans 10:13)

The basics of becoming a Christian, or a disciple (learner & follower) of Jesus Christ include:
  • Repentance – acknowledging selfishness and sin that required the death of Christ
  • Faith – trusting God, whom you cannot physically see, for forgiveness and life
  • Obedience – a life orientation that begins at the moment of salvation to pursue Jesus’ teachings, commands and ways.

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