Life is unpredictable and to be a part of the church is to have support. We offer many opportunities to find the help you need in every season of life. Reach out and let us know how we can serve and love on you in your difficult season. 
Northstar volunteers are ready and available to meet your needs, whether that is a meal train, visitation, prayer, or meeting practical needs. We come alongside members and attenders who find themselves going through difficult or stressful times. We would love to be there for you. We’re just an email away. 

We have trained volunteers at Northstar who are ready and willing to just listen and care about whatever it is you are going through. If you are just looking for someone to talk to, please click on the picture above and we’ll connect you with someone from our One to One Care Team.  We are currently meeting people for wellness walks, zoom chats, or out, like at a  coffee shop.
We currently offer an infertility support group for women. If you are searching for support in another area, please email us to let us know!
We currently offer lay counseling, premarital, and marriage counseling for those going through difficult situations.  Please reach out to set up a meeting time.  
We are currently working on building personal relationships with professionals, so if you are looking for a referral, please reach out as well. All inquiries will remain confidential.

Meet our Care Ministry Facilitator

Hi! I’m Lindsey Hamilton and I serve as Northstar’s facilitator for care resources. I offer lay counseling and mindset coaching in addition to supporting our care ministries.   Although our lives are full of blessings and redemption, life also comes with suffering, grief, and heartache. My hope is to normalize these feelings and the conversation around them at Northstar, so that we can pursue authentic walks with the Lord. You are not alone in your despair, we will ALL experience this in our lives. When you do, our care ministries are here for you.

We offer  support groups, trained volunteers to listen, lay counseling, and meet tangible needs. Our care ministries value confidentiality and curiosity when coming alongside others, not judgement.  And,  because we love Jesus, we want to humbly and faithfully come alongside you no matter what is going on in your life.   Send me an email to learn more.

Always rooting for you,