Kids Camp Volunteers
May 2nd, 2022
We can't wait to celebrate God's love at Northstar Monumental Kids Camp this summer June 20-23 from 6pm-8pm. We are going to need a lot of volunteers for it to be successful! Here are some ways you ca...  Read More
Passion Week Devotional: Easter Sunday
April 17th, 2022
It’s important to “see the place where He laid.” Because it’s empty. He was there, but He is now reigning. We must remember what put Him there....  Read More
Passion Week Devotional: Saturday
April 16th, 2022
If you’re facing a dark day, if you’ve seen a dream die, if you have no answers.. you may feel like the disciples did on that Saturday....  Read More
Passion Week Devotional: Friday
April 15th, 2022
Good Friday. The day that Jesus went to the cross on our behalf. The day that the perfect only begotten Son of the Father was punished for the sin and brokenness of all humanity throughout history. So...  Read More
Apply to be an intern!
April 14th, 2022
We are currently looking for interns for the summer and fall semesters, 2021....  Read More
Passion Week Devotional: Thursday
April 14th, 2022
While we were still sinners (and scatterers)…It was Thursday night and all those closest to Jesus had scattered. Running from the scene and leaving the One who loved them most. Unable to stay awake wh...  Read More
Passion Week Devotional: Tuesday
April 12th, 2022
Conflict, questions, and love represent Tuesday of Holy Week. Jesus was making some people mad, specifically the Sadducees and the Pharisees. He was creating conflict everywhere he went, but he did no...  Read More
Passion Week Devotional: Monday
April 11th, 2022
The cleansing/clearing of the temple happened on Monday of Passion Week. What can we learn about Jesus' passion for His Father's house to be a house of prayer for all nations?...  Read More
Celebrate Easter with us!
April 6th, 2022
Easter is the glory of Christianity. On Easter we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and reflect upon His betrayal, arrest, crucifixion and death. We are so excited to celebrate this significa...  Read More
Introducing Immeasurably More: 7
March 9th, 2022
We are praying that God will provide through our church family to pay off our $3.5 million building loan in seven years!...  Read More
Renewed Series
January 3rd, 2022
On Sunday, January 2, Jeff taught about The Potency of Expectancy, and he invited the church into a special series of services beginning Sunday, January 23. The point is to seek God with all our heart...  Read More
Christmas in a Broken World
December 21st, 2021
This Christmas may be a difficult time for you, but with God’s help and the people He’s placed around you, it doesn’t have to be a lonely one. Seek His face this holiday season, and watch as He provid...  Read More