Disciple's Workshop - April 20, 2024
Northstar hosted our first Disciple's Workshop on April 20, 2024. The workshop consisted of two tracks: a beginner track focused on getting started with a quiet time and evangelism, and a more advanced track for those interested in making disciples. The sections below contain the videos and handouts for the sessions. Bookmark this page as a resource to return to whenever you need a refresher.

Beginning a Quiet Time

Jeff walks us through the why and how of spending time with God daily.

Beginning In Evangelism

Sean walks us through practical tips on how to start sharing what Jesus has done with others.

Discipler Track

Discipleship 101

Matt goes over the biblical basis for discipleship and explains what it looks like to be a disciple-maker.

Discipleship Skills

Matt goes over practical methods to disciple someone using passages of Scripture.

Turning Discipleship Outward

Sean discusses how to focus discipleship outward through the way we live and the way we share the gospel.

Discipleship Initiative & What's Next

Jeff explains why the Discipleship Initiative is so essential to discipling others at Northstar. Matt goes on to talk about plans for the future of discipleship at Northstar.