Staff Youth Night

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On Sunday, January 31 at ReVerb Youth Group, Northstar Staff “took over” the night for our first ever Staff Youth Night. Jeff, our Lead Pastor, started the night up with an introduction and a “guess the time” for Megan Evan’s baby to be born. Neal, Associate Pastor, and Kaylee, Children’s Ministry Intern, led the game for the night which was Reverse Pictionary. …

With Marriage Retreat Comes to You!


We had a great turnout for our With Marriage Retreat at Hotel Floyd on February 5-6 as 18 couples participated. The couples all affirmed the material was “on point,” and there were suggestions to make it available to other couples who weren’t able to participate this past weekend. So, if you were not able to make it to the With …

Friends: Companions for the Journey


In his classic text, The Four Loves, C.S. Lewis wrote: “To the Ancients, Friendship seemed the happiest and most fully human of all loves; the crown of life and the school of virtue. The modern world, in comparison, ignores it.” Lewis goes on to explore friendship as one of four types of relationships in the human experience. He explains how …

Memorizing Scripture for Kids

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Memorize – the word strikes up thoughts of boredom, dusty old classrooms and often defeat. I am not the best at memorizing; I can barely remember what I went downstairs for most days, much less long lines of scripture word for word, as well as the chapter and verse number. But what are the benefits? Should I look at memorization …

How One Family Blessed Nathan and Heidi


We love the many college students at Northstar and are always looking for new ways to support and help them Be the Church. While college students have a place to live, most do not experience the blessing of a true home while they are away at school. Take a minute to hear Nathan and Heidi’s story of how spending time with …

What did we learn at State of the Church 2016?


Our special service began with the debut of our 2015 Highlight Video: Northstar has experienced significant numerical growth in the past six years, with 2012-2013 being the peak years. Last year, we saw a numerical decline in our worship attendance from those years. The State of the Church 2016 helped us understand how a church can grow while “shrinking” at the …

Psalm 136 Challenge

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This past Sunday at ReVerb, the students were challenged to find Joy and Optimism at all times in life. This challenge is only attainable if we know how to define Joy and Optimism. When we look to the world for these definitions, it tells us that unless we are rich or famous or pretty or fit, we are missing out on …

December 2015 Baptisms


We were excited to baptize Meg Fetterly, Joseph Hunter, Emma Cook, Daniel Jones, Allison Beard, and Carter Cross and Carson Cross during one of our December Nights services in 2015. Here are their testimony videos and the live baptism video.