Baltimore Mission Trip

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Over the past year, Northstar has sent a few different people to visit with Redemption City Church in Baltimore, Maryland. Adam Wilson, a former college minister at Northstar, is one of the pastors on staff. It has been encouraging to have conversations with him over the past year about a potential partnership. Last Spring, Northstar sent a small group of …

Alumni Spotlight: The Millers

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This article was originally published in the Winter 2016 edition of the Northstar Magazine. Flipping back through the pages of great memories with Northstar, there are many incredible people that jump off of the pages of my mind but Paul and Allie Miller are deeply special to me. Paul and Allie came to Virginia Tech in 2009 and became involved in Northstar as …

Faith Story: Ellen Cianelli

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On Sunday, March 24, 2019, Ellen Cianelli shared her faith story with our church family in both services. Ellen is a co-leader in two significant ministries in our church: Stephen Ministry and Grand Connect. She and her husband Dave, have been members since 2017, and they were both baptized that August. Here’s the Cianelli’s faith story/baptism video from 2017:

RIP to Offering Buckets

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You know how it is. Ideas are like fragile, beautiful butterflies. They come fluttering into view and capture your vision. You don’t want to dump cold water on someone else’s idea. It destroys its innocence and appeal. You want the occasional, random idea to spark life and perhaps even generate new ideas. Such was a staff meeting in early February. …

Faith at Work: Bobby Grisso

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A great perk of ministry is getting to work with a lot of amazing people. One of the joys for the staff is watching God work through church members in their vocation. After all, most believers will spend the majority of their time at work and home.  Recently I stopped by Bobby Grisso’s office in Seitz Hall on the Virginia …

New Member Spotlight: Kathryn Treanor

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Tell the church little about yourself: My name is Kathryn Treanor I graduated May 2018 with a degree in Geography from Samford University. I’m from Virginia and my family lives in Northern Virginia. However one of my sisters is finishing her undergrad at Tech, so we are living together in Blacksburg. What brought you to Blacksburg? Grad school I’m getting …

Shockleys enriched through volunteering

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The following story was published in the Northstar Magazine in the Spring 2014 issue.  The Shockley family wears many hats. John is an engineer, Sharon works for Lewis-Gale Hospital and their daughter, Ashley, is an early childhood teacher. Yet the picture of this family wouldn’t be complete without their service to Northstar. Sharon helps to coordinate the café each Sunday, while John …

Growing Together Marriage Event Recap and Podcasts

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This year at the Growing Together Marriage event, we were blessed with biblical wisdom and encouragement from several speakers including our main session speaker, Jeffery Buffkin and his wife Melanie. Each breakout session spoke about different practical ways to better marriages and glorify God in the process, from parenting together to budgeting. If you missed the marriage retreat or you …

God’s Grace in the Old Testament

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I’m just going to say it. The Old Testament is confusing. I’m not saying it should be, or that it even needs to be, but the reality for many believers is that it is just confusing. We read stories and are often overwhelmed on how to interpret them in light of cultural differences, and even perceived differences in how God …