Missions and the Seatons

We worship a big God.  History testifies and the Bible teaches that the Lord uses his people to spread the gospel of Jesus to a world in need.  Jesus said that the “harvest is abundant, but the workers are few.”  Indeed, it is precisely through these “workers” that millions of people have come to hear the gospel message and choose to put their faith in Jesus.  God is sovereign over all aspects of our world, and it is comforting and exciting to witness how He is providentially working today to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, providing comfort to His people and expanding his kingdom among so many near and far.  With an understanding of the role that the people of God play in carrying out His plans, Stefanie and I have felt led by the Holy Spirit to step out of the comfort of our routine lives and go and serve the Lord in a distant place.  Not knowing where to start or where to go, we started searching online while being in prayer for Godly discernment.  Our online searches found four sites that looked promising for short-term mission trips…

Ultimately, we chose to partner with “Adventures in Missions” (  This is an evangelical Christian mission organization that plans and manages mission trips domestically and internationally.  Along with our two teenage children, Anna (16) and Austin (15), we are going on a mission trip to New York City for one week later this month.  This will be a great experience for all of us, especially our children as we see and experience God working in a distant place.  As we started the application process to join in this mission, we were so happy to learn that our group of approximately 20 people largely consists of families like ours, some of which have teenagers also.  The overall goal during our week in NY is to share the gospel and assist with the physical needs of the poor in the city.  The mission organization has two experienced leaders who will guide us and who have planned out the details of the trip.  We will be sleeping in an upper floor of a Greek Church on bunk beds, and I’m still hoping that we’ll be eating Greek food all week!  There is so much need in our cities, both physically and spiritually.  Ultimately our hope and goals are to glorify God.  God has given all of us “the ministry of reconciliation” (2 Cor. 5:18).  And we are called to love our neighbors as ourselves.  Our desire is that the Spirit will use us as a means to reconcile people to himself.  Join with me in prayer for the people of NY that our team interacts with.  Pray that we can provide physical help for them, and that they witness and experience Godly love through our interactions.  Finally, pray that God will change some hearts and that people will respond in true saving faith to our Lord Jesus.
-Kevin Seaton

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