Northstar Church Grand Opening


After eighteen years, Northstar Church has a permanent home!  On the weekend of May 1-2 the congregation celebrated moving in to our first permanent building on Prices Fork Road in Blacksburg on ten acres of rolling meadow.  The new courtyard provided the perfect place to meet and enjoy the festivities.  Children climbed a 30ft wall and frolicked in the bouncy house while families dined from the food trucks and, especially, the GAP group enjoyed meeting up with a number of their members who returned just for the occasion.  The highlight of the evening was when Jeff cut the ribbon with the gigantic golden scissors!  

On Sunday morning we were delighted to worship together, being led by Tanner Blankenship and the Worship Team and hearing a powerful message from God’s Word delivered by  Jeff Noble.  The congregation viewed a video put together by Joe Frabrizi which gave opportunity for a number of members to speak about how waiting over the years in faith for the building completion increased their faith and what being a part of Northstar means to them.  After the service the new café and courtyard provided the perfect space to enjoy a lunch of subs provided by the church.  

This journey has been exciting and faith filled to have a permanent home, but the essence of Northstar will remain. As God’s people, we don’t just go to church, we get to BE THE CHURCH. The church building is merely a tool to be used by Northstar and the community.  We look forward to the days ahead where many people will come to be followers of Jesus and be discipled in order to extend their Christian influence in our local area or wherever God leads them.

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