You’ve Been Egged! An Invitation to Easter

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Update (3/31-2020): Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 realities and Governor Northram’s Executive Order #55, we have canceled the Drive-Thru Egging.

Easter is a great opportunity to be invitational to church.

Why not be invitational in a fun way?

Usually getting “egged” isn’t a good thing, but this time it is! As a way to reach out, have fun, and invite friends/neighbors/classmates/coworkers/families/internationals (you get the idea!) to Passion Week services, here’s what we’re doing:

  • Northstar will be providing bags of empty plastic eggs.
  • The goal is for you to fill the plastic eggs with candy, toys, etc.
  • Then place it at the door of a friend or neighbor you want to invite to church. Inside the bag, we will include an invite to the Easter Egg hunt as well as Easter services.
  • You can pick up bags at church!

Happy egging!

(Aren’t you eggs-cited?!)