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A radio commercial

My husband, Charlie and I were driving down the road about 10 years ago and heard a commercial for Northstar. The best part was that it was not on a Christian radio station. It was pretty much as non-Christian as you can get. I loved the idea that a church would put a commercial on a non-Christian radio station to reach everyone.

Charlie and I decided to go check it out and instantly felt like this was a place we needed to be. We loved the worship; we loved Jeff’s messages, and we soon began to feel challenged to not just go to church, but to be the church. Soon after attending we were asked to help out in children’s ministry. We enjoyed serving together in the toddler classroom.


I also remember a day, not long after we joined Northstar that Jeff asked me if I would disciple someone. Some of my first thoughts were, “Does he really know me? I’m not educated enough to disciple someone!” That’s the thing I love about Northstar. There is no arrival point for being able to serve. I’ve discovered that while serving others I’ve grown a lot in my own relationship with Jesus as well.

Joining staff

In 2013 I had the opportunity to become part of staff at Northstar as the Children’s Ministry Director. This was a huge answer to prayer in so many ways. I was able to do what I love which is working with kids and also incorporate my core belief in Jesus. Being a part of Northstar staff and serving Northstar as the Children’s Ministry director has TRULY been one of the biggest blessings of my life.

The people

The people of Northstar are amazing. As I’ve had the opportunity to work with numerous volunteers and teams I’ve seen the hand of God at work. He equips people with gifts and the people of Northstar don’t just go to church, they are the church and they use their gifts to glorify Him. Whether it’s rocking and singing to a baby in the nursery, teaching toddlers and preschoolers the truths of the Bible on their level, or helping elementary school children learn how to look up a Bible verse, God has equipped His people and His people are using their gifts!

I love seeing the people of Northstar share their love of Jesus with others and inviting them into our community. People feel welcomed and loved by everyone in the church. I’ve seen this repeatedly happen in children’s ministry. Our volunteers help the kids feel church is a warm, fun place. Because of our amazing volunteers and their commitment to make each kid’s time in church not just a babysitting situation, but a time of learning and fun, kids want to come back.

I am thankful for the opportunity God has given me to be a part of Northstar. I feel incredibly blessed to call the people of Northstar my friends and my family. I’m thankful that because of the people of Northstar our kids have a firm foundation set that church is a place where people love God, love each other, learn and have fun.

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