What’s been going on in “What’s The Deal?”

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whats-the-deal-WEBOur “What’s The Deal?” series premiered in September with the question, “Is Islam really a religion of peace?” by Jeff Noble. Connect’s very own Malek Zahed also shared his testimony about growing up in a Muslim family. It was a very informative time learning the basics of Islam and how Muslims view Christianity, the Bible and Jesus. The students had a lot of very good questions that Jeff answered, and Malek was able to contribute input and information from his background. If you are interested in listening in, you can follow these links to hear the Islam seminar podcast here and Malek’s testimony here.

For the second part of our series, Alex Kacere covered the question, “Would God side more with Democrats or Republicans?” This exact question was extremely hard to answer directly, but Alex reminded us that Jesus is our Savior, not the President of the United States. He encouraged us to proclaim Jesus, study the Bible, learn what candidates stand for, pray before voting, and trust God rather than worrying about our country. We also enjoyed hearing Virginia Tech senior Mel Skirkanich share her powerful testimony of God’s love and consistency through various hardships in her life. Again, you can listen to Alex’s talk here and Mel’s testimony here!

Last week Brooke Beyer led us in the third segment, “Is money the root of all evil?” He answered by teaching us from the Bible that it is the love of money, not money itself, that is the root of all evil. He went on to say that money and finances are tools that Satan can use to attack us and turn our hearts from God, but they are also tools we can use to glorify God and express our love for him. He gave practical tips for fighting greed, fear, and selfishness with generosity, faith, and wisdom. Lindsay Harrison told her faith story and how she has been blessed with a community since coming to college that helps her continually experience spiritual growth. She encouraged us all that “your story is powerful just because He wrote it.” You can hear Brooke’s talk here and Lindsay’s testimony here.

This is what’s been going on in our “What’s the Deal?” Sunday School series. We hope you will join us for the upcoming weeks if you are a college student and be in prayer for us if you are not!