Wanted: Creative Content Director


CCB-Creative Content TeamOne of the dimensions of our church that has grown steadily since spring 2015 is our “creative content.” We believe that “telling our story” is also telling the story of what Jesus has done. We want to tell it well – with vibrant creativity – through a wide assortment of channels.

One of the primary paths of telling our story is through our website and social media accounts. Last year, we began a “blog” that has sought to encourage, inspire and communicate the ways that Jesus is working through the lives of the people of Northstar. Today, those channels include the blog, our Northstar magazine and social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

We are now at a point that we are ready to bring on staff a Creative Content Director. This position will work closely with our church members to help identify writers, videographers, artists, photographers, graphic designers and other creatives and harness their talents and gifts in a way that will enable us to continue to produce content for the website, magazine, worship services and social media accounts.

Basically, wherever people hang out – in real time or in digital time – we want to tell the story of Jesus with compelling beauty, transparency and creativity. We want others to know of our indescribably good God.

If you’re interested in this position, please look at the attached ministry description.

Here are a few basic qualifications:

  • Experience and skills with WordPress (our website and blogging platform)
  • Ability to work with a team and delegate effectively, follow up on projects and meet deadlines
  • Demonstrate creativity and initiative
  • Be a learner and leader in the area of content marketing and social media

The CCD will be responsible for keeping Northstar’s websites current, as well as our other channels of content by working with volunteers.

For more information (after reviewing the ministry description), contact the church office.