Wanted: card writers for welcome ministry

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Can you think of a better feeling then walking to your mailbox and getting your mail and seeing a handwritten letter addressed to you?

Think back to the time you first visited Northstar and filled out a howdy card. You probably received one of our handwritten letters from some of our members of Northstar. It’s a special, personal touch that one of our teams commits to – sending a note to every guest!

We really want people to feel welcomed and want them to know that we truly are excited that they have chosen to visit us. One of the simple, yet meaningful ways that we welcome people is through these letters. If you are looking for a place to serve and are a behind-the-scenes kind of person or just want to help in a simple way, please let us know and join our “Welcome Team” as a card writer. It really speaks more than just written words. These cards tell people that we care, we see them, and we want them to smile as they open their mailboxes.