True Light


21 day challengeWhile taking the recent 21 Day Challenge, John 1:9 stood out to me in which Jesus is called the True Light, and it took me back to some personal reflections I had last summer…

It’s after midnight and I, once again, have trouble falling asleep.  However, I have found a kind of solace in the deep evening, when the neighborhood is alive with only the sounds of crickets and other night creatures while the faint trace of phlox drifts from the blooms near me.  Passing cars are a rarity and a street light illuminates the pavement below.

As my eyes glance toward the lamp, I observe the abundance of flying insects drawn to its brightness. They see its luminosity as an attraction, pulling them ever closer, giving them a false sense of security. They crave the light.

They don’t realize that it is not the true light they so desperately desire.

It is a fake illumination, one that dazzles for a while at a time in which they cannot see the sun. They find comfort in this false light as they dance and maneuver incessantly, hoping to find their comfort, their home, their peace in this light. But it cannot be. Their futile exertions will exhaust them by the time the true light is revealed come morning.

If we are not careful, we too will become enthralled and trapped by an untrue light source. We must be ever watchful, diligent, and alert. It may seem like the best choice to many, but that is only because they have not yet seen the real One.

Don’t be fooled by any impersonators. The true source of light is so much greater than any imposter.

“The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world.” John 1:9