This Week with Children: Father’s Day 2017

Aaron Peck Blog, Children's Ministry

What are those crazy kids up to?

Welcome to This Week in Children’s Ministry, the part of the Northstar website where we take a look at what the kids are learning on Sunday morning and keep you up to date with what’s coming up and what your family can begin looking forward to!

Happy Father’s Day to all our dads out there! It’s always exciting when we’re able to honor our fathers each year! This year, our kids got to leave their classrooms at the end of the service to hand out Slim Jims and cans of Dad’s Root Beer to all the fathers in the worship service.


  • Our elementary kids continued this month’s Life App of Creativity by hearing about the job that Adam first had when he was in the Garden of Eden. Being made in God’s image, Adam was made with a creative imagination, so he was tasked with naming all the creatures that God had created.
  • Bottom Line – God made you to imagine.
  • This week, encourage your kids to share what kinds of things they can imagine. How creative do you think you can stretch your kids’ minds into being? Remind them that God made them to be imaginative!
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  • Our preschoolers continued learning about Samuel. Last week, they heard the story of how he was called to serve God, even as a little boy. This week, they learned about one of the big tasks that God had in store for Samuel: anointing the new King of Israel!
  • Bottom Line – I can do what God wants me to do.
  • This week, remind your children that they can do anything that God wants them to do, no matter how big or how small.
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And, parents, there is a LOT going on in the next few weeks! Are you ready for this? You might want to sit down… Then you’ll want to stand up and cheer because it’s an exciting time for Northstar Kids!

First up, don’t forget about Northstar Kids’ Camp – Gadgets & Gizmos coming up July 17-20! Registration is open now, so head on over and register your kids today! Remember that we’re prepping for camp with a Robot Building Contest that your kids can enter! And if you’re interested, we would love your help in gathering needed supplies for our week at camp. Just stop by the Gadgets & Gizmos table on Sunday to find out what items you can purchase. Anyone else get that Little Mermaid song stuck in their heads whenever they see Gadgets & Gizmos? Probably just me…

Also, BIG small Group is this Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. at BCF. Remember that we offer full kids ministry during BIG small Group and this week’s theme is Pirates! Be sure to help your kids get ready by dressing them like pirates! And be sure to bring a donation for Micah’s Backpack to help with our kids’ summer mission project. This week, you’re encouraged to bring cans of tuna and individual cups of macaroni & cheese.