The Kids Side of #BIGsmallGroup

Aaron Peck Blog, Children's Ministry

badgeDid you know that the grown-ups are not the only ones who got to enjoy an evening of food, fellowship, and biblical discussion each Wednesday night during our summer? That’s right. Each week while the adults were gathering together and splitting off into table groups, the Northstar Kids listened to stories about Jesus and participated in activities that helped them learn to apply biblical truths to their lives. Each week featured a different fun theme that we hope helped kids get excited about coming with their parents to BIGsmallGroup.

  • During the first week, the theme was Superheroes! We see a lot of heroes in the Bible, with our ultimate superhero being Jesus. The kids got to see that He loved each of us so much that he was willing to die in our place. They also saw that, by loving others every day, we can be superheroes, too.
  • In our second week, the theme was Pirates! What are pirates known to search for? If you said treasure, you would be right! Through stories and activities, we were able to focus on Matthew 6:20, where Jesus says, “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven…” The things of this world will not last, but the things of God will last forever.
  • In week three, the theme was Science! We experimented with Diet Coke and Mentos (with explosive results) and put together the proper ingredients to make ice cream, while talking with the kids about how God made everything!
  • During our fourth week, we took time off from BIGsmallGroup so we could have our Walk This Way Kids’ Camp!
  • Week five was our Robot week! We let the kids explore their creativity by letting them put together their own robots while they learned about how God made each and every one of them unique.
  • In week six, the theme was Water! After hearing about how Jesus is able to wash our sins away, the kids were able to participate in water relay games and play with water balloons.
  • The week seven activity involved Finger Paint! As a part of this, we once again talked about how God made each of us unique, just like our fingerprints.
  • In our final week of BIGsmallGroup, we celebrated the end of summer with special Field Day activities. Our older Jumpstart kids joined on teams with our Bloom preschoolers and worked together to have our own mini-Olympic Games!

We sincerely hope that each of the kids who was able to join us this summer for BIGsmallGroup not only had a fun time, but was able to learn more about the love of Jesus. Don’t forget that we provide full children’s minsitry each and every Sunday morning for all of our kids, ages zero through fifth grade. We love sharing stories from the Bible and providing fun and exciting ways for kids to apply God’s Word to their lives. There is so much for all ages!