The 21 Day Challenge


21 day challengeIn the Think to Change message on Sunday, July 17, Jeff issued an invitation to join him in a 21 Day Challenge. The message focused on the joy of knowing Jesus.

The 21 Day Challenge involves:

  • Reading a chapter of John each day for 21 days
  • Writing down one quality of Jesus that is praiseworthy in your Bible on that chapter and meditating on that quality throughout the day.
  • Praying for three people each day for 21 days. (It can be for them to come to know Jesus personally, for their help, health, deliverance, direction, etc. The important thing is to choose three people and pray regularly for them.)

We encourage you to leave comments here about the praiseworthy qualities of Jesus you’re noticing in each chapter and how this focus on the person of Jesus begins to transform your life and focus.