Staff Youth Night

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reverb logoOn Sunday, January 31 at ReVerb Youth Group, Northstar Staff “took over” the night for our first ever Staff Youth Night. Jeff, our Lead Pastor, started the night up with an introduction and a “guess the time” for Megan Evan’s baby to be born. Neal, Associate Pastor, and Kaylee, Children’s Ministry Intern, led the game for the night which was Reverse Pictionary. Finally, Adam, our College and Discipleship Minister, brought the message for the night.

Adam spoke from Matthew 7:24-27 about building your house on solid ground like the wise man instead of building your house on sand like the foolish man. Emma Nelson helped illustrate the two men building their houses on respective foundation by drawing the images on the wipe erase board as Adam spoke. One thing to take from the message was when Adam said, “the only immovable object in your life is God.” This is such a solid truth that we can live in.

To end the night, each of our staff members joined up with a small group and participated with the youth in discussion and spiritual growth. Aaron Peck, Julie Jewell, and Evin Gladin were the other staff members present. ReVerb is so thankful for a staff who cares about them and a staff who wants them to feel a part of the church.