Report from International Furniture Giveaway


Here is a brief report on last Saturday’s (8/13) International Furniture Giveaway at the Baptist Collegiate Ministries building. We thank God for another successful event, and we thank you for your service! The weather was good, and we were able to give almost everyone who came two pieces of furniture (one large and one small). Over 300 pieces of furniture were selected, loaded and delivered in less than four hours.   
At 7:30 am, 133 students and scholars entered the building. Eventually, 167 students and scholars received furniture. The recipients came from 11 nations, with PR China (99, 59%) and India (56, 34%) as the largest groups. The other nations included Nepal (2), Vietnam (2), Thailand (2), Germany (1),  Guatemala (1), Malaysia (1), Brazil (1), Sweden (1), and Venezuela (1).  

We’re grateful for your help this year! It’s an incredibly practical way to demonstrate the love of God to the nations.