Reflections on The Chosen, Episode One


We asked Lissa the following question in a small group that was discussing The Chosen, and when she shared what she’d written, we asked her permission to publish it as a brief blog.

How did Episode 1 help you think about Jesus’ birth and its impact in a different light?

I have always loved the humility and the simplicity in Jesus’ birth story, but what I loved about this episode is its depiction of how easily people missed the fulfillment of prophecies they had studied extensively, just because they equated God’s vastness with flash and extravagance. How often do we misinterpret or generate wrong assumptions about God’s character? Jesus’ birth was the absolute rendering of God’s faithfulness to His word, working in and alongside His humility, and shows us how easily we may miss God’s hand in our own lives if we are only looking for Him in the obvious.