Psalm 115:1


By Nomeka Sours

A couple of months ago, my dad (a graphic designer) found out that he was being laid off from his job the same day that my mom decided to leave her job. Needless to say, this was one of the most challenging things my family and I have ever experienced.

My parents began looking for jobs locally, but later expanded the search to include the east coast, and eventually further than that. My dad got an interview that seemed promising, but later found out he didn’t receive the job.

I can honestly say that my faith has never been tested as much as it was in these past couple of months. Instead of getting on my knees and expressing to the Lord my frustrations, confusion, and prayers, I questioned Him. Through this difficult time, my small group has been a tremendous encouragement, praying with me and for my family, and helping me to see that I must keep praying and must continue being faithful.

This morning, my dad officially accepted a position at his previous place of employment. I know that the Lord provided this position for him – the salary is comparaple to his previous position there, and many of his graphic design strengths are incorporated in this position. My family & I are humbled and thankful to God for His faithfulness.

This was a rough couple of months for my family, but we just feel so blessed. Just last week, my dad found out that he was not eligible for unemployment. I immediately was disheartened and confused, but my mom told me last night her first thought was “That just means we won’t need it because the Lord will provide,” and He did, as he always does. The Lord is faithful even when we aren’t – to Him be the glory.