State of the Church 2019

Bible Text: Acts 8:26-40 | Speaker: Jeff Noble | Series: State of the Church | This year as a church we are focused on spiritual growth through discipleship. We want each one of our members to be walking with the Lord daily and constantly growing in faith.

Think to Change [BELIEVE] – Mission

Bible Text: Matthew 8:18-20 | Speaker: Neal Nelson | Series: Think to Change This is the first of three messages on the mission of the church. From Matthew 28:18-20, we learn that Jesus based His ultimate command to make disciples upon his ulimate authority and promised us His abiding presence as we fulfilled His mission.

Think to Change: Following Jesus as a Disciple

Bible Text: Mark 8:34-38, Luke 14:25-33 | Speaker: Trey Moore | Series: Think to Change What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus? Virginia Tech Cru Staffer, Trey Moore, shares what being a true disciple of Jesus looks like. He also shares how we may live our lives as followers of Jesus through not only our actions but …