BIGsmallGroup: Upholding the Bible, Part 1

Speaker: Tanner Blankenship | Series: BIGsmallGroup This podcast features part 1 of 2 of our series of “Upholding Scripture” – why the Bible is reliable, relevant and the very Word of God.

Acts 1:12-26 – The Delivery Room of the Church

Bible Text: Acts 1:12-26 | Speaker: Jeff Noble | Series: Acts This message focuses on Acts 2:12-26. In it, the disciples are gathered in the upper room, waiting on the promised Holy Spirit. While they wait, they pray and select a man to fill the vacancy left by Judas’ suicide. What can we learn from this time of waiting, decision-making …

Think To Change, Become a Person of Truth

Bible Text: Ephesians 4:20-24 | Speaker: Neal Nelson | Series: Think to Change As what we believe (the Bible is God’s Word to us) and how we behave (applying God’s Word) come together, we become people of truth. Part of becoming a person of truth lies in seeing reality as God sees reality. Listen in as Northstar’s Associate Pastor Neal Nelson teaches on how God’s Word …

Think to Change, Study the Bible

Bible Text: 2 Timothy 2:15 | Speaker: Alex Kacere | Series: Think to Change In this message, Alex Kacere helps us understand why it’s important to study the Bible if we say we “believe” the Bible is God’s Word. He examines the why’s and how’s of Bible study that produces fruit.

Think to Change: Believe the Bible

Bible Text: 2 Timothy 3:16-17 | Speaker: Jeff Noble | Series: Think to Change This is the first of a three-part focus on God’s Word, the Bible and how confidence in the Bible will encourage believers. In this message, you’ll learn why it’s important to place your faith in the Bible.