Summer ‘Cation: Glorification

Speaker: Jeff Noble | Series: Summer ‘Cation In the last of the Summer ‘Cation series, learn about how God’s great love for His people means they will be glorified when He returns! What happens after a Christian dies?

Summer ‘Cation: Sanctification, Part 2

Speaker: Jeff Noble | Series: Summer ‘Cation What is our role in the process of sanctification? Listen in as we share how important the spiritual disciplines to our submission to the Lord’s work of making us a people ready for His use and glory.

Summer ‘Cation: Sanctification, Part 1

Speaker: Jeff Noble | Series: Summer ‘Cation In the third week of our Summer ‘Cation series, Jeff teaches on the doctrine of sanctification and why it’s a liberating truth for the believer. To listen to the podcast, click the play arrow beneath the videos. Here’s a helpful brief video from Desiring God’s site to help explain to you the doctrine …

Summer ‘Cation: Justification, Part 2

Speaker: Jeff Noble | Series: Summer ‘Cation In this message, justification is shown to be intricately connected with our righteousness and God’s grace. Listen in and gain a deeper love for and confidence in your relationship with God.

Summer ‘Cation: Justification, Part 1

Series: Summer ‘Cation Jeff Noble begins a summer series focused on some of the amazing ‘cations of the New Testament: justification, sanctification, and glorification. In this message, we examine the beauty of the doctrine of justification and why it matters that Christians grasp that they have been justified by faith though grace in Christ. Here’s the video that Jeff used …