Peacemakers: You’re the Problem
February 23, 2014

Peacemakers: You’re the Problem


peacemakersDarrell takes us into the 2nd week of our 'Peacemakers' series. This week is an inward look to see what happens and what to do when you are the problem. Darrell starts off talking about being a 'framer' and purposefully framing others for something you did, and as we look at Proverbs we see there is nothing to gain from that.  As a believer, if there is reconciliation to be done then the responsibility is yours. Darrell concludes with a series of questions to ask ourselves to open our heart up for reconciliation.

What needs to happen in my heart today, to arrest my defensiveness? Am I ready to turn off my inner lawyer?

What am I concealing that needs to be confessed? What are my first steps in moving toward confession?

How can I rearrange the pattern of my life that I am daily reflecting and rejoicing in the gospel of Christ? Is my heart being moved toward loving reconciliation the way my Father in heaven loves reconciliation?