Living Sent
May 1, 2011

Living Sent

Jesus sends out 70 other people to prepare other places for His message and ministry. How does their mission compare to ours?


Luke 10- the Sending of the 70

Last week, we rejoiced in the Resurrection. We ended by saying that Easter is no sitting celebration; it's a sending celebration. That is proven today by Jesus' intention to send out more of those who follow Him.
Earlier, Jesus had sent out the 12. Now He sends out 70 others. They are unnamed. Their anonymity should be a great encouragement to us all! Jesus calls and sends us all. Some names will be recorded; some will not. Some will be notable; others will not. It is not about our fame; it is about His.
We just finished our missions group in which the key verse was "let the nations be glad!" (Psalm 67.4)

As we live Easter lives, we make others joyful!

v1 - Jesus calls us forward to where HE will go! This is not a mission to glorify ourselves or build our ministries! This is a preparatory mission to make people ready for the King to come into their lives!
- Moses (Exodus 4.10-11 - "Now go, I will help you speak and teach you what to say.")
- Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1.7-8 - "Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you.")

v2All advance is prepared by prayer.
  • We cannot go out before we bow down.
  • Workers only come from prayer and workers must go in prayer. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. They have SPIRITUAL POWER to demolish strongholds! We are moving out to tear down! We are sent out to smash.
  • So, there's no sending before bending.
v3-9Practical instructions for workers preceded by a warning for discernment ("lambs among wolves")
  • Hospitality
  • Thankfulness
  • Ministers deserve support from those they minister to. (share all good things with teacher).

v13-16The accountability for response. It is not us that they reject but He.

v17 - Salvation is more important than sensation. Repentance is a greater work than signs and wonders. Do not base your joy on their response. Base your joy on Christ's ulitmate approval and His acceptance of you. For there will be days when victories do not seem to be won. WIliam Carey labored for seven years in India before seeing a single convert!
v18 - Victory over Satan's power accomplished through servants. Power over scorpions... biblical symbols of evil. Also, you won't go until it's your time. Paul's shipwrecks, stonings, and stripes.Your days are numbered ... in a good way. Acts 28.5 - he's bitten by a snake and shook it off with no harm.
Summary Thoughts:
The process that Jesus used to extend His kingdom and it's message must be adopted. Notice what He did here. He had taught; now He sent. In Matthew 28, he said He had all authority. So He was reigning. Here in Luke, He was "splaining and training."
It's time to lean forward in faith as we see ourselves with the same mission and message of the disciples. In John 20.21, Jesus said that He is sending us in the same way He was sent. It's too easy for us to be settled and satisfied. We miss the joy and adventure of the real life God has given us when we resist living sent.
Jim Putnam in his book Real Life Discipleship, uses a phrase I love. He says that Jesus was "making messengers." We have a message. We need more messengers.
One thing we've seen clearly over the last several weeks in God's Word is that we must be pre-prayered before we think we're prepared. Before we're sent, we must be bent.
  • The urgency and privilege of prayer!
  • The attitude of the messenger
  • The response of the hearer
  • Going where Jesus will go... (use your influence at all times; especially in moments of "sentness")
    • Be ready for interruption
    • Posting on blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Digital influence and weight.
  • Rejoicing over salvations.
  • Promoting baptism.
  • Recognizing mission teams.


We bring Him joy when we participate in His work. When Christ sees us living as He designed us, enjoying His authority and defeating darkness with humility, He rejoices. It is not about us. It's about Him.