Kings and Chronicles: 1 Kings 1
June 9, 2013

Kings and Chronicles: 1 Kings 1

This podcast has 2 separate parts, we were blessed to have to workesushi lives in Spain, and he shares with us about the co try and the work there. We also have an interview with Joe Cline and Jeff about Joe's 3 month trip to Ukraine, and why he is doing that.

Jeff continues our series and we start in 1 Kings. We read about another of David's sons trying to lay claim to the throne and declare himself king. We get to see the throwing of his 'welcome to the throne' party, where he invites certain people but purposely leaves out some others. The party is interrupted by chants coming from outside the party by the rest of Israel, declaring who the rightful king is, King Solomon. Who are you letting sit in the throne of your life? What are you bowing down to?

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