Created & Called: Genesis 42 – Guilt Awakened
August 4, 2019

Created & Called: Genesis 42 – Guilt Awakened

Passage: Genesis 42:1-26
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In the middle of a great famine, Jacob's sons go to Egypt where they encounter their younger brother Joseph who is second in authority over all of Egypt. Not recognizing him and still assuming he is dead, they find themselves in quiet a scenario. As they are overcome with fear and guilt, Joseph sees their pain and remembers back to a difficult past.

The story of Joseph and his brothers in Egypt reveal the sorrow that guilt can cause, even in the life of a believer. In this sermon, Jeff reminds us that not all guilt is bad and some guilt leads to repentance. But "be cautious," for even though guilt can motivate, it will not sustain us to live for the Lord.

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