Building a Discipleship Culture, 2
July 3, 2011

Building a Discipleship Culture, 2

This video is the second in our summer series of 2011 to equip and train our church to be disciple makers. The discussion guide for the video is also posted. We are grateful to Foursquare Church’s production of the This Is Discipling video which we showed to begin this session.

Click here for discussion guide for this session:

Discussion Guide – Session 2
Key Verses:

Mathew 28:19-20
1 Corinthians 3:1-10
Colossians 1:28

Discipleship: The process of helping people believe, behave, and become like Jesus.

A disciple is:

Following Christ
Being changed by Jesus
Committed to the mission of God

Spiritual Maturity:

Yields spiritual fruits
Practices spiritual attitudes
Is Spirit-led

• Pick a ‘Phrase from the Stage’ that you have heard before. How could you begin a spiritual conversation with someone who says that phrase?
• How is spiritual maturity related (or not) to biblical knowledge, church attendance, age, and education?
• As you look through the characteristics of each stage, what areas of growth need work in your life?



Phrase from the stage:
• I don’t believe there is a God.
• The Bible is just a bunch of myths.
• Evolution explains away a need for God.
• I am not a Christian because Christians are responsible for all the wars in history.
• There are many ways to get to God.
• I am a Christian because I go to church and I am a good person.
• I have been a good person, so I will be okay.



Phrase from the stage:
• I believe in Jesus, but my church is when I’m in the woods or on the lake.
• I don’t have to go to church to be a Christian.
• I gave my life to Jesus and I go to church, but I don’t need to be close to other people.
• People have hurt me, so it’s just me and God.
• I don’t have time to be in a relationship with another Christian.
• My spouse is my accountability partner. I don’t need anyone else.
• I pray and read my Bible. That is good enough for me.
• My ministry is my work. I provide for my family. I don’t have time for church.
• I didn’t know the Bible said that.


Self-centered, self-absorbed
Low view of self

Phrase from the stage:
• I love my small group; don’t add any more people to it.
• Who are all these people coming to my church? Tell them to go somewhere else!
• I am not coming to church anymore. It has become too big; it has too many people.
• My small group is not taking care of my needs.
• I don’t have anyone who is spending enough time with me; no one is discipling me.
• I didn’t like the music today. If only they did it like…
• I am not being fed in my church, so I am going to a church that meets my needs better.

Young Adult


Phrase from the stage:
• I love my group, but there are others who need a group like this.
• I think I could lead a group with a little help. I have three friends I have been witnessing to, and this group would be too big for them.
• Look how many are at church today – it’s awesome! I had to walk two blocks from the closest parking spot.
• Randy and Rachel missed group and I called to see if they are okay. Their kids have the flu, so maybe our group can make meals for them. I’ll start.
• In my devotions, I came across something I have a question about.
• I noticed that we don’t have an old folks’ visitation team. Do you think I could be involved?


Intentional, Strategic
Mission-minded, Team-minded

Phrase from the stage:
• People talk about what they love. When spiritual parents talk about what God is doing with them, it is not bragging or name-dropping. Humility is evident.
• This guy at work asked me to explain the Bible to him. Pray for me.
• We get to baptize someone from our small group tonight. When is the next 101 class? I want to get her plugged into ministry somewhere.
• Our small group is going on a mission trip, and I’ve given each person a different responsibility.
• I realize discipleship happens at home, too. Will you hold me accountable to spend time discipling my kids?
• I have a person in my small group who is passionate about children. Can you have the children’s ministry people call me?