Become a Parent Partner


If you are the parent of a college or grad student in Blacksburg, we’d love to invite you to consider our Parent Partners ministry as an option for your involvement. One of our church’s great joys is our intentional ministry to students. They come in so many forms in Blacksburg – collegians (from three area colleges: VT, Radford and New River Valley Community College), graduate students (both master’s and doctoral), and medical school students. While the summers are relatively quiet, traffic swells and the energy level of the community vibrates with enthusiasm as August begins.

parent partners-600Ministry to students is a delight and a challenge. They arrive in Blacksburg with such high hopes for life, career and relationships. Unfortunately, many get sidetracked, and experience heartache, broken dreams and shallow friendships. It’s a formative and crucial time for these young adults. Some choose to abandon faith, while others embrace it for the first time.

Northstar is a people who want to not only ease this life transition, but we want to lead others to find their ultimate joy and fulfillment in a love relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ while they are here in Blacksburg.

Northstar loves students, and we’ve seen our church experience significant growth in the past two years as students have flocked to Northstar. They don’t just attend; they get intricately involved in ministry and service with us. We’ve grown from one Sunday worship service to three in the past year, and we are eager to keep providing ministry and discipleship for all those that the Lord brings to Northstar.

Our Parent Partner ministry is for parents of students who desire to assist our church in its ministry to their students and friends. It’s an opportunity for parents to contribute to our ongoing ministries and help reach our campuses and communities with the gospel of Christ, lead them to spiritual maturity and equip them for further ministry and service in our world.

Here are some advantages to being a Parent Partner:

  • Confidence that your gift is assisting vibrant, biblical and strategic ministry to our campuses and communities.
  • Regular updates on what God is doing through your students and our congregation in Blacksburg, the New River Valley and beyond.
  • Opportunities to serve on our Parent Advisory Team that will assist us in communicating with other parents and plan strategic events for outreach to new families and students.
  • Help us plan future events for parents and students.
  • Help us connect your student with ministry opportunities.

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