Fridays are for #nstarshirtday

Vanessa Tegenkamp Blog

northstar_colorsHave you gotten your Northstar Church t-shirt yet? Great! (If you haven’t yet, don’t worry, you can buy one on a Sunday morning for $10 or at the church office.)

As we get ready for winter, we now have long sleeve t-shirts available for you, for $15.

We’d like to try a social experiment. We’ll call it #nstarshirtday. Wear your shirt every Friday, and let’s see if we can inundate Blacksburg and surrounding areas with the message of Be the Church. If someone who doesn’t yet know Christ sees multiple shirts (in different colors), we hope it will provoke curiosity and even a question or two. If they do, maybe you’ll be part of the process God uses to draw them to Him, and it could be as simple as wearing your shirt each Friday!

If your office does “Casual Friday,” it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your Northstar shirt, so let’s intentionally wear our shirts on Fridays. By doing so, we can share with the community our church’s motto, “Be the church.” It’ll be a great way to display our unity as a church body as well as increase awareness of our church, which in turn will increase awareness of Christ and His love. Wearing your shirt is one of the easiest ways to engage in conversations with others about your love for Christ, and encountering repeated sightings of our shirts may just be the sign someone has been waiting for!

Some habits are easier to get into than others. So start wearing your Northstar t-shirts each Friday. Doing so will:

  1. Ensure that you did indeed put a shirt on, and…
  2. Help spread the word about us Being the Church while out and about, making our presence- and love for Christ- known to those we meet. It’s a win/win!