Northstar Reserve Is Going Downtown

Aaron Peck News

We are excited to announce that Northstar Church now has a venue that we can utilize in downtown Blacksburg!

For the last few months, we have been using a space near the Northstar Ministry Center in the same office complex on Country Club Drive. It’s an area that we’ve come to know as Northstar Reserve. It has mostly been used by our youth group for ReVerb on Sunday evenings and by our worship team as a practice space.

Looking at the span of time between now and when we will find ourselves in our new, permanent Ministry Center, as well as the growth that we have been experiencing as a church, it made sense for us, financially, to invest in a larger venue.

It is expected that this new Northstar Reserve will be a key gathering place mostly for our youth, college, and GAP ministries. And, as is the case with our current Ministry Center space, it can be reserved for other events and gatherings as well.

This new location can be found at 204 Draper Street, near Bollo’s Cafe & Bakery in Blacksburg. We are currently working hard to make sure this space is usable by touching up with a new paint job and a few minor repairs. Check out the pictures below to see the progress that’s been made!

Reserve The Reserve?

If you’re interested in using The Reserve, stay tuned! We will soon have a reservation form and full website ready for you to see the finished space!