Northstar Outdoors: 2016 Father/Son Outing

Neal Nelson Blog

“Best day of my life,” I heard my nine-year-old say for the tenth time as the armada of canoes and kayaks floated down the New River on our three and half mile float.

I have taken my boys camping and floating dozens of times but there was something about the fact that so many other boys and their dads came on this trip that my boys were just “into it.” Everyone had a lot of fun but beyond the fun, I enjoyed watching my sons interact with other godly men outside of an environment where they are supposed to say and do the right things.

IMG_8229A favorite moment was when I watched my boys floating down a rapid with Kevin Seaton and his son Austin. Kevin teaches my boys on Sunday mornings in church so they have only experienced him in that role until this weekend.

Another favorite moment was watching Emmanuel Henry sitting beside Jack who was using his first knife to whittle a stick and wearing a bandana just like his dad.

All the men agreed that we have to make a father/son outdoor experience a tradition so go ahead and decide now not to miss the trip in 2017.