Northstar Host Mission Team


It was a surreal experience! A group of young men from the Baptist Collegiate Ministry at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas arrived in the NRV Saturday, March 19. Their goal was to learn and serve. It was surreal because I served as the BCM Director of this campus for 14 years. What an encouragement to see their heart for service under new leadership and to get to work with them in another state in the capacity of a church leader!

Overall their trip was a huge success and they loved Northstar, Virginia Tech, and the New River Valley. They were able to have some significant conversations about Jesus in the process. Their schedule included:


  • Northstar Kids
  • Cooked & served dinner for 70 VT BCM leaders.
  • Participated with VT BCM leadership training.


  • Evangelism Training with Trey Moore (Cru @ VT)
  • Sharing Christ on VT Campus


  • Dream Center in Pulaski
  • The Rock Youth Center in Pulaski
  • Meeting with Dave Farris to hear about church planting in Pulaski


  • Easter Cards @ VT
  • Lunch with Northstar Staff
  • Helped with Easter Egg Followup


  • Fun Day (McAfee’s Knob)
  • Worship with VT Cru in the evening

Thanks to Jeff, Darrell Cook, HSU BCM students, Trey Moore, Cru Students, Dave Farris, Joe Blankenship, and Tim Hagedorn for making their trip to the NRV a huge success.

For those curious, I included their schedule and some pics from their week.