NILT: Northstar Intentional Leadership Training

Jeff Noble News

Beginning in February 2021, we are launching a monthly gathering for leaders (and future leaders) in Northstar. The Northstar Intentional Leadership Training gathering is especially for those interested in pursuing or learning about being called into ministry. This is not a prerequisite. Anyone is welcome who would like to learn and grow in their formation and skill development as spiritual leaders.

Jeff Noble will lead this group each month on the fourth Wednesday of the month, over lunch (bring your own!). It will be hosted at the ministry center (until we move into the new facility!).


  • Character of a Minister
  • Going to the well
  • Looking back (Avoiding chronological snobbery)
  • Looking forward (discernment)
  • Evangelism and missions
  • Ministry with people (eeeew)
  • Leadership follies
  • Spiritual breathing

At a Glance

  • Who: Anyone wanting to grow in spiritual leadership, and especially those wanting to discern a call into ministry
  • When: February 24, 12:10 p.m. (sharp), and fourth Wednesday of each month
  • Where: Northstar Ministry Center
  • Leader: Jeff Noble, contact for questions