New Series in February: 100% – All In



Beginning February 5, Northstar will enter into a new 4-week teaching series called 100% – All In. It’s an examination of what it means to be a biblical steward. You’ll be surprised and encouraged at how gracious and good and liberal our God is in blessing His people.

The outline for the series is as follows:

  • The Heart of a Steward – February 5 [podcast]
  • The Body of a Steward – February 12 [podcast]
  • The Relationships of a Steward – February 19 [podcast]
  • The Purse (or Man-Purse) of a Steward – February 26 [podcast]

Don’t miss this helpful and enlightening series! Northstar’s Stewardship Team is also working to develop some practical and creative ways that Northstar can respond to the series at its conclusion.