New Member Spotlight: Megan Walter

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Tell the church a little about yourself:

I graduated from Virginia Tech in May and I am currently serving on staff with Cru at VT.

What brought you to Blacksburg?

Virginia Tech – Go Hokies!

Why are you excited about being the church with Northstar?

I am so happy to call myself a member of a church that focuses so much on scripture. I really enjoy the expository preaching and how a passage is broken down line by line. I am also a huge fan of the transparency Northstar has with its members in the building updates and State of the Church Sundays. It shows that the body as a whole and their input is valued.

Tell us about your previous church and ways you were able to serve (or how you hope to serve at Northstar).

When I lived in Mechanicsville, I attended Trinity Lutheran. At Trinity I served as the president of the youth group and I sang in the choir. I am hopeful to continue to sing at Northstar.

What is your favorite hobby?

Talking about sea otters or serving others.

We are excited about Megan’s membership. She recently had the joy of baptizing Emily Altland, whom she’d been discipling. You can watch Emily’s baptism video and story here:


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