New Member Spotlight: Lissa Brown

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You may recognize Lissa Brown as one of the many talented vocalist on Northstar’s worship team. She has also helped lead worship for Northstar’s youth group. Recently she applied and was accepted to serve on staff as an intern.

Lissa attended Discovering Northstar & Pizza in early September which was planned because so many college students expressed interest in making a commitment to Northstar membership.


What brought you to Blacksburg?

I came to Blacksburg in the fall of 2016 when I started my freshman year at Virginia Tech.

Why are you excited about “being the the church” with Northstar?

I’m excited about “being the church” with Northstar because I want to expand the ways that I’m involved and the ways that I serve. I’m also excited to be more immersed in this faith community and to build more relationships.

What was your previous church and in what ways did you serve?

At home I attended Huguenot Road Baptist Church where my dad is the Associate Pastor for Music and Worship so I served mostly in worship and music, as well as on student leadership team when I was in the youth group. Last year I also served as a cabin leader at the youth group’s fall retreat.

Be sure to say “hi” to Lissa and thank her for serving Northstar in so many ways.

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