New Member Spotlight: Kathryn Treanor

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Tell the church little about yourself:

My name is Kathryn Treanor I graduated May 2018 with a degree in Geography from Samford University. I’m from Virginia and my family lives in Northern Virginia. However one of my sisters is finishing her undergrad at Tech, so we are living together in Blacksburg.

What brought you to Blacksburg?

Grad school I’m getting a master’s in Urban and Regional Planning at Virginia Tech.

Why are you excited about being the church with Northstar?

I’m excited to be apart of a church that is really dedicated to sharing the Gospel with those around them in every living. Also I’m excited that I found a church that helps create  community with GAP.

Tell us about your previous church and ways you were able to serve:

 I was at Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL through my four years in undergrad at Samford University. I got really involved with serving and working pre-school ministry and being involved and serving in the University Ministry.

How would you rate Jeff on the humor scale?

I would have to say 7 to an 8 sometimes I get a good laugh, but I haven’t been brought to tears yet.

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