New Member Spotlight: Chris Barb

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Chris Barb has been attending Northstar for a long time, but recently he knew he needed to embrace local church membership. Chris serves on our Sunday Prep Team and often helps train new volunteers.

Tell the church little about yourself:

I am originally from Culpepper County, and I came to Blacksburg for school and became a two-time graduate of Virginia Tech.  I left Blacksburg for a brief period and then came back to work at the Newman (main) Library at Virginia Tech and have been working for VT Libraries ever since. I am currently the Supervisor of the library at the Veterinary School.

Why are you excited about being the church with Northstar?

I am excited about being the church with Northstar, because there are constantly new and different ways to serve. Anyone who has a heart to create and grow ministries are encouraged to make those ministries happen.

How has God used you to serve the in the local church?

At my previous church, I was one of the leaders of their young adult ministry. I have been serving on the setup team since joining Northstar a few years ago, because it’s a good way for me to meet new people. You get to listen to our awesome worship band practice while you’re setting up!

When are some of your favorite hobbies?

I love to play volleyball and golf, although I don’t get to do either as much as I would like.

How would you rate Jeff on the humorous scale?

9 – He genuinely makes me laugh, which is rare for me.

What is your favorite story about Jesus?

My favorite story or teaching of Jesus is story of doubting Thomas. He shows love to Thomas even in his unbelief. He then tells Thomas “because you have seen me, you have believed: blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.” That shows how blessed we are to live in a time when we have his Word and don’t need to see him in the flesh anymore!

Come join us for Sunday set up one Sunday! Chances are you can say “hi” to Chris:)

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