My Story: Daniel Knollenberg


I was raised in a family that was ministry-focused with Jesus at the center of every one of our relationships. My dad was a worship minister and guidance counselor, teacher, and assistant principal in Norfolk public school12240137_10153300525522426_937482700586182584_ns. My mom is a bookkeeper who is a great example of how to work for the Lord in the corporate workplace. However, I never thought that the Lord would lead me into ministry. Now, I use the gifts and talents the Lord has given me to serve Him, but it wasn’t always like this for me.

A year before I was born my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer. Doctors told him that there was a bigger chance of him dying than surviving. Through the power of God, he lived another eighteen years before he was brought to be with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

When my dad died I fell into a terrible routine of finding trouble in every way I could. Drugs and alcohol ran my life and the decisions I made. I had so many gifts that the Lord gave me to use, yet I kept them all to myself and didn’t even acknowledge Him for giving them to me.

During the beginning of my freshman year of college, my mom found out that I had been doing all of these terrible things. I had hit my all-time low, and I was fully consumed by worldly desires. Seeing the brokenness that I caused in my mom and realizing the disappointment I was to the godly legacy my dad left behind was enough for me to recognize my need for redemption and repentance.

The forgiveness and grace I have found in Jesus Christ has led me to a life of joy and purpose. I have decided to live a gospel-oriented life that brings all glory, honor, and power to Jesus Christ.

My relationship with Jesus has by no means made my life easier, but it has given me so much peace about the things that make my life more difficult. He has shown me how to handle the difficult seasons in life with love and grace. It has led me to a great job that allows me to help lead people to God’s grace through leading worship here at Northstar Church. In bringing me to Northstar, God has also given me a new home and family here in Blacksburg and an eternal home in the love and presence of the Lord.