Interested in discipleship? Try Multiply this Friday night


Interested in learning more about discipleship? Love good snack food? Looking for an exciting activity for this Friday night? Well then look no further than this Friday’s webcast of Multiply Conference at the Lancaster house!

Multiply is an online ministry put together by David Platt and Francis Chan to aid the Church in increasing the ministry of discipleship. They are putting on a conference this Friday that will be webcasted from 8pm – around 10pm. There will be a few great talks, resources, and encouragements in what discipleship is and how to be discipled. The program is attached.

There will be some snack food, but we would love for you to bring some baked goods or snack food if you are coming. RSVP to let Adam Wilson know if you plan on coming and if you plan on bring food.

This will be a great help to you if you are involved in or interested in discipleship so we hope you can make it. So if you’re available come enjoy a good time with friends, food, and learning! Here are the quick details:

Multiply Conference Webcast: Discipleship

  • Lancaster House
  • Friday, 8 – 10 pm
  • Bring food if you are able
  • RSVP and Invite Friends