Maybe you have heard or even asked this question at least a couple times. With our ceremonial groundbreaking four months behind us, I think we all had hoped that Northstar’s land would be dotted with various types of earth moving equipment before Christmas. Most of the delay is because we have had a longer than expected period of waiting for breakthroughs on finalizing our financing options and securing initial permits.

We have always had a financing option that Immeasurably More leadership team felt good about, but Justin Yalung and his team took the time to look again at local options. The great news there is we landed on a local option that is the best offer we have had in all of our inquiries. Read more from Justin about the details of where we are in the financing process here.

The next steps that allow for dirt to be moved rest on a January 8 meeting with Montgomery County to secure that permit. Pray for our design team and for local officials that communication will be clear and that God’s favor and provision would continue to be evident. Also in your prayers, lift up gratitude to the Father for Jim Rancourt and Travis Jessee. The respect I already had for these two continues to increase. Watching them come together to pour through the details with Spectrum and G&H one evening less than a week before Christmas was one more moment I was able to witness them sacrificially serve the people of Northstar.

People of Northstar, thanks for your patience and prayers. Keep praying in these critical days!