We asked our church family to submit their reflections and thoughts about the Immeasurably More process. We’re calling them “Rooted Moments.” Many thanks to Jim Rancourt for his thoughts:

What you sense and see God doing

  • God is clearly working in the lives of the people of Northstar. Such an interesting collection of people with a whole lot of unity, excitement, involvement. What is underway is very significant for the participants and for our community. He is very active and Northstar seems to be high energy and responsive, people of action. ~ Jim Rancourt

How God encouraged or spoke to you last Sunday

  • Just simply the message of a love relationship with Christ and when that is right so many other things will fall into place much better, healthier, etc. ~ Jim Rancourt

How the IM campaign has encouraged (or discouraged you)

  • Seeing people’s generosity has been encouraging, knowing that some people are giving sacrificially what may be small amounts of money but it is actually a large step of faith for them. For me, I am always mulling the “to whom much is given…” and the responsibility/expectation that comes with that. It was heavy when I owned a business and hasn’t changed. I am not sure why I thought it would or might as it never will. ~ Jim Rancourt

What impact the messages from the IM about finding your contentment in a love relationship with Jesus has had on your life

  • It is encouraging that a love relationship with Jesus is the true source of contentment. It is good to hear that often. That message/reality has to get from the head to the heart though. Personally, I often think I am wired with too much head. In my daily reading, it is often tilted more toward head than heart. Maybe I need a book by Max Lucado. 😊 ~ Jim Rancourt