Recently I have had an opportunity to reflect on the progress of the Immeasurably More Campaign. So much progress has been made and we are at a point where all the background work that has been done will soon become a visible reality. Exciting times lay ahead and I just can’t help but long for our church body to join in the excitement.

Over two years ago, when I came on board the IM team to pray with and for them, one of the first things I noticed was how invested each member of the team is in this calling. It has been an amazing privilege to watch this process. As I reflected on the team’s investment, I felt God revealing to me how invested He is.

An old memory surfaced from as far back as the summer of 2007. My husband and I occasionally volunteered to help count the offering money. On one Sunday a graduate student approached us after church with her offering check. She explained that she was finishing her studies and preparing to leave Blacksburg. Rather than just placing it in the basket as it passed, she chose to personally hand it to us with an explanation. Her offering was to be set aside and saved for Northstar’s future building. The significance of that act might be lost now in a time where we are actively raising funds. Back then, however, we were completely caught off guard and frankly had no idea what to do with her check. There was no IM campaign and no plans for a building. Yet somehow, God had laid it upon that graduate student’s heart to be the first person to invest in the IM Campaign as one of the last things she did before leaving Blacksburg.

I felt God speaking to me about how He has been invested in this process from before even the idea of a building was conceived in any of our minds. He has been planning and providing for this process long before we were. The evidence is so clear. He has built a team of people who have unique qualifications and gifts that blend flawlessly together to make something extraordinary. Where one member may be weak, another is there with a strength to complement them. When our team has reached points where we don’t have any answers or know where to go next, God has been there every step of the way, leading even when we didn’t know where we were being led.

Yet the most beautiful part that leaves me in awe of God has been how His investment has impacted me. God never accomplishes just one thing. He is always working to weave together so much more. His investment wasn’t just in His work in making this building. He was also investing in me. I have been challenged to step outside of my comfort zone to realize that God is with me. I have been called to lay down my pride and realize that God has gone ahead and come behind me so that I had no reason to worry. I’ve had my eyes opened to see just how BIG God is. I’ve had the privilege of hearing God’s voice just because I carved out time to seek Him and ask. Not much else in my life compares to that feeling of hearing from God. I can’t speak for any other members of the team, but I would wager that they too have stories of how God has moved them and grown them through this process, all because He invited them into His work and they accepted.

As I pray for you, our church body, I hope that you can sense God inviting you into His work. If you sense His nudge, I pray you won’t be afraid to accept it. He is always at work and yet He takes the time to call us into what He is doing. You might find that the invitation is for you.