At long last.. Northstar Immeasurably More team members Jim Rancourt and Travis Jessee attended a Planning Department meeting at the county office on Tuesday, January 8. At that meeting, representatives from G&H and Spectrum were present to respond to questions and issues that had been raised over the last two months of permitting applications.

Virtually all of the previous comments/recommendations to the site plan had been addressed by Spectrum prior to the meeting. Spectrum provided updated documents to the government officials.

It was confirmed that Northstar will get a grading permit and our progress will not be curtailed in any way by the officials! This means .. ACTION!

  • The green house is now cleared for demolition. That will take place next Tuesday or Wednesday!
  • Equipment will be mobilized for grading of the land. We will see that begin within the next three weeks!
  • In addition, a tentative closing date with NBB for financing has been set for January 18!

Lots of exclamation points in this update! We are excited and eager to see progress. Please continue to pray for smooth sailing, for favor and for God to continue to provide the needed funds for our project!