Imagine that you run hurdles on the track team. You have trained hard and prepared well. You know the distance you must run. You know the exact number of hurdles ahead that you must clear. Now imagine that as you run, the race keeps being lengthened. Without warning more hurdles keep being added. You cannot even see the finish line any more, only more hurdles being added again. For many, leading faithfully in the Immeasurably More process, this is exactly what it has felt like waiting for the building permit to become an in-hand reality.

Yesterday was an amazing milestone in the race. Our building permit for the Northstar Ministry Center has been approved and received! In light of these days of gratitude emphasized last Sunday, let’s pause for some points of thanksgiving. We are thankful that the building permit is in hand. We are thankful for the wisdom, patience, action, and graciousness of our Immeasurably More key leaders as they faced so many additional hurdles. We are thankful for local community servants that helped bring that permitting phase of the process to completion. We are thankful that even though we had to wait much longer than expected, we know God is faithful. Take some time for gratitude today, whether it is this milestone moment of celebration, whether it is even the seemingly tiniest bits of his provision you see in your own life, or whether it is his vast love we have the joy of both receiving and extending to others today.