Creative Giving

As we meditate on what we have learned in the Immeasurably More series at Northstar, it is important for us to remember that giving should come by revelation, not by reason. Pray and ask God what He wants to do through you and expect an answer (James 1:5-6). Be patient and obedient as you wait for and hear God speak to you.

We have been encouraged to INVEST at Northstar. We have heard the VISION for our future ministry center. If indeed God is calling you to give to the Immeasurably More Campaign, the most logical source of giving is out of income, but personal or household budgets rarely have obvious “extra” funds waiting to be allocated.

When faced with a  scarcity of readily-accessible funds, many feel that they cannot contribute. However, there are creative ways that we can give. These alternative avenues of gifts often provide us with joy and thanksgiving as we release them into service for the Father.

Consider this:

  • Give by sacrifice. Challenge yourself to give what you otherwise would spend without a second thought: your weekly fast food meal or your daily cup of gourmet coffee. But maybe it’s more than that. An honest rearranging of what is important may be revealing. David, a “man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22)” declared, “I will not offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God that cost me nothing.” (II Samuel 24:24). Perhaps it’s a matter of giving up something you are clutching within your current budget—an expensive hobby or a big purchase—and redirecting those funds permanently or for a season.
  • Increase giving with increased income. Maybe you know that a bonus or a pay raise is coming. Consider setting aside that incremental income as part of your pledge.
  • Eliminate “extra” spending and redirect those payments. If you have a car or student loan that can or will be paid off in the near future, consider committing the same amount of those recently ended loan payments toward the Building Campaign for a time period.
  • Give “stuff.” You move it, and you store it. You insure it and dust it. Valuable collectibles (stamps, coins, memorabilia, etc.) and heirlooms or antiques (jewelry, furniture, instruments, etc.) may be contributed. Consider selling it and give the proceeds directly to Northstar. In some cases it might be possible to donate it and trust the church to liquidate it in the most beneficial fashion.
  • Give appreciated assets. One of the most “creative” ways to give but one of the least explored. Stocks, bonds, and real estate purchased years ago frequently carry an appreciated value. Did you know you could give that asset directly to your church and avoid paying capital gains tax, but still get a fair market value deduction based on its current value? Note: A tax professional is vital to guiding both donor and church through this process. Please contact your tax accountant to advise you regarding tax credit strategies and to employ the most advantageous way to make a gift to your church. IRS rules are subject to change, and a tax professional is the most up-to-date on such changes in the tax code.

If you’d like to talk to someone about creative or alternative giving or need help making decisions, please contact the church office. We’ll put you in touch with our Building Campaign Team who will be happy to help you in the process.