Darrell Cook

About Darrell Cook

Darrell is the campus minister for the Baptist Collegiate Ministry of Virginia Tech. He has served there for 20+ years and has seen generations of college students be influenced with the gospel. He was one of the first members of Northstar, and he served on the Pastor Search Team that identified Jeff as the primary candidate for Northstar' second pastor. He is married to Laura, and they have five kids.

Can You Pause and Throw a Mini-party?

In the Immeasurably More process of watching God lead us and provide as we prepare for the construction of our ministry center, I know there will be some great celebrations when we dedicate and begin to use that tool for ministry. There is no party event planned this week to celebrate anything with Immeasurably More, [...]

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When will dirt start flyin’?

Maybe you have heard or even asked this question at least a couple times. With our ceremonial groundbreaking four months behind us, I think we all had hoped that Northstar’s land would be dotted with various types of earth moving equipment before Christmas. Most of the delay is because we have had a longer than [...]

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Proper Rations at Proper Times

When it comes to Immeasurably More and our preparation for Northstar’s future Ministry Center, I would think Northstar members and friends have questions that are echoing around in their heads as we walk through this season of waiting. Questions like, “Are we close to the final steps on securing financing for the project?” and, “When [...]

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#100Sundays, #100ishSundays, #PauseButton

In January Northstar launched the hashtag #100Sundays on social media. It was intended to be a fun informational countdown about the Immeasurably More campaign and preparation for our new facilities. After applications were made to local banks for loans, we learned that we would need to approach our financing in a different way. This led to what might [...]

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