At our August 19 Dig In Celebration, founding pastor Bob Jackson prayed over the gathering and for the future of Northstar. This is the text of his prayer:

Father in heaven.

On this momentous occasion of the groundbreaking for Northstar Church’s first building, we lift our hearts to you in gratitude for all You have done in bring about this significant event.

We recognize this morning that any glory, praise, or honor all belong to you for the miracles that have unfolded over the past fifteen years here in this community as Northstar has started, grown, and reached this milestone in its advance.

We also recognize that any progress in advancing the kingdom through this church in the future will be your doing as well. What your require on our part is simple enough. A complete trust in you and in your power to do the impossible. A commitment to live in and by the truth bound up in your Word, the Bible. And a passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ by which people are forgiven of sin, born into the family of God and indwelt by the Holy Spirit.

On this important Sunday, when the foundation is begun for this new structure our prayer is that you will use this building as a center for the proclamation of the whole council of God. Through Spirit filled preaching and teaching, bring people to salvation, help them to mature in wisdom and understanding and send them out into the community and the world as your disciples.

Through music and worship, draw the hearts of people into a circle of praise where the names of Jehovah God and your Son Jesus Christ are held up and adored.

Through education, fellowship, small groups and missions, develop people into skilled and dedicated servants who know how to use their spiritual gifts to bless the body of Christ and reach out to the lost.

Finally in this University setting, make Northstar a light to the learned and educated who so often know much of the world and its workings but little of the God who made it and holds it together.

We pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to be on this place. Sanctify this ground and this structure for your service and glory.

In the name of Jesus, our Savior. Amen